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Consuming @GenericType REST-webservices with jersey-client

I just lost 2 hours of my life trying to consume a RESTful webservice that returns a java.util.List → read more...

by nsn on 2012-30-08 tags: programming jee java jersey jackson

choosing CDI @Alternatives at runtime

One of the coolest features of JSR-299 are @Alternatives, letting you choose concrete implementations by simply specifying them in your beans.xml, either each one seperately or grouped in @Alternative @Stereotypes. Since we have to choose @Alternatives according to the environment the application is deployed to (development, testing, staging, production...) I was looking for a way to configure the CDI-container whithout building seperate wars for each one. → read more...

by nsn on 2011-30-11 tags: programming jee java cdi

configuring jee apps with cdi

Every application has them - configuration parameters: admin credentials, support email addresses, urls for external services, the list is endless. Either in .properties files or in a database, they are hell to keep track of and maintain. This post details a sane way to keep all meta-information on them strictly in the source code by using JSR-299 (CDI). → read more...

by nsn on 2011-07-11 tags: programming jee java cdi

Good riddance PHP

I just got rid of the last bit of PHP source code in my life and I swore to myself: I will never touch that shit-pile of a language ever again. → read more...

by nsn on 2011-06-11 tags: programming php

every keyboard sucks

My keyboard is the most important tool I work with. It is only sensible that I choose a keyboard that suits my needs perfectly, and I am willing to spend a considerable amount of money on a decent one - for health reasons alone if not for comfort. So why is it so damn difficult to buy one? → read more...

by nsn on 2011-01-11 tags: hardware