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useless ego boosting


My name is Michael Bayer, I live in Karlsruhe, Germany and I am pretty old for my age.

I currently work as a software engineer at Gameforge AG, mainly developing JEE applications for large MMORPGs. Former employers include 1&1 and Schlund+Partner (RIP). I have a degree in Computer Sciences from the university of applied science, Karlsruhe.

I like wasting my time with

  • coding - as of late I developed an unhealthy fascination with JEE
  • snowboarding (unfortunately not as much as a want to anymore)
  • traveling (envy my pictures!)
  • retro gaming (I consider myself to be the best puzzle bobble player in the world)
  • foosball (table soccer - whatever)

You can reach me via email at nsn@nightspawn.com, check out my twitter account @pneis, or just find me on facebook or xing.