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Good riddance PHP

I just got rid of the last bit of PHP source code in my life and I swore to myself: I will never touch that shit-pile of a language ever again.

For 8 years I was a PHP developer. I contributed to the XP-Framework and in my thesis I even integrated the Zend-Engine into the Java-VM. I know what I am talking about - and I say: don’t use PHP!. Ever. Technologically PHP is at least 10 years behind the rest of the “web”-languages. The underlying Zend-Engine contains some of the worst C-code I’ve ever seen. There are countless sites explaining in great detail why and where the language is broken.

And I simply can not think of a single reason to chose PHP over any other language for “web programming”: Java, Ruby, Python - even Perl are more stable, have better performance, better libraries and better communities to learn from.

so: Good riddance PHP - and fuck you!

by nsn on 2011-06-11 tags: programming php

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