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After having tried several website authoring tools I decided that I needed something more powerful than a simple WYSIWYG editor, and since I was unable to find anyting that suited my needs I decided to write my own (always a huge mistake).

WebKnot is basically just a frontend for an XSL processor, you author your content in (hopefully) XML and then just write XSL templates to convert those into HTML pages (or whatever output format you like really).

After having maintained v2 of this site for quite some time with this tool I decided to abandon it since it suffered from a certain bulkyness and from bad software design in general.

Well - it’s been a blast, I keep this page up as WebKnot might still serve as a bad example, even if it is only for me. It took me quite a while to wade through the horrible, horrible configure/make construct in there to even get it to compile… shiver