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This is a tutorial I wrote for one of my professors so he didn’t have to use DirectX to teach shaders any more.

Unfortunately this text - like all texts i wrote during the course of my studies - is in german.

It covers some basics on OpenGL, some supplementary libraries like glut and glew, loading and binding of both ARB_PROGRAMS (pseudo-assembler) and ARB_SHADERS (GLSL, GLSlang) and finally includes some simple shaders. The archive also contains the full source and linux binary with a small sample program that can load and display shaders on the infamous teapot.

toon shader
per pixel lighting

You can either download just the paper .pdf, ~200k, the archive containing the full source of both the small sample application and the paper itself .tgz ~2.5M.

Some time later I created a Java version of this in order to learn about OpenGL in Java. Sorry for the non-existing packaging, just download the .tgz file, unpack it and start JGLtut with the yout Java-VM of choice. You might need to recompile it if you’re not using Sun’s JDK or whatever…

To run JGLtut needs to have jogl.jar in $CLASSPATH and the JoGL-natives in java.library.path, consult the README. Oh - and you can even press the printscreen button to take a screenshot!.